Developer vs. Average User: The Post Views Counter Arena

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Want to let your audience know how many times your post was viewed? Need to exclude certain IP addresses from being tallied?

Post Views Counter

Quick Review

The Post Views Counter plugin by dFactory enables website owners to display how many times a post, custom post type, or page has been viewed on their site’s front-end.

If you’d like to read more about what the plugin can do then be sure to check out Mohammad Ghasembeigi’s review. And if you want more information on how to get started with it, check out Post Views Counter’s getting started guide on dFactory.

A Developer’s Perspective

A lot of the time when a client has a new website or blog, they’re interested in knowing how many hits a particular page or post is getting. And as soon as it takes off, they want other readers to know how many times that page/post has been viewed. The Post Views Counter plugin takes care of this and gives me the flexibility to choose which pages I’d like to enable it own, pick my own counter mode, and exclude specific IPs from being included in the count.

Since the plugin also works with shortcodes, you can position the counter practically anywhere on your posts/pages. And if you’ve already gathered a bunch of views on your post and would like to start using the plugin now, you can always set the view count for it manually.


  • Tons of configuration options.
  • Lets you exclude specific IP addresses.


  • You have to install a plugin.

An Average User’s Perspective

There are a lot of website analytics tools out there and WordPress has its own plugins that let you monitor your site’s page views. The difference I saw with the Post Views Counter plugin was that it let me share my page’s views with my audience. This helped build credibility when I first started publishing content on my new website.

Another thing I like about the plugin is that it doesn’t take a lot of time to integrate it into your site. It even lets you pick and display a Dashicon of your choice next to the counter.


  • Lets you add Dashicons to help your counter stand out.
  • Excellent support team.


  • You have to install a plugin.

To Sum It Up

So, should you use the Post Views Counter plugin?

As a developer, I recommend using the Post Views Counter plugin simply for the sheer amount of configuration options it offers. You can set it up however you’d like and get accurate, real data about how many people are viewing your pages/posts.

And if you’re an average user, you should use the plugin if you’re looking for an easy way to share your post view counter(s) with your audience. It definitely helps build credibility – especially if your site is new.

Post Views Counter

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