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A professional writer, digital, and brand designer, Rafay's work is published across a number of high-authority sites and magazines. He has provided services to numerous brands across the globe and is the go-to solution provider to many reputable private and government organizations. He is also the co-founder of BloggInc. When he isn't overloaded with work, you can find him tending the farm with his wife, furniture hunting, and being awesome at indoor badminton.

5 Reasons Why Not Having a Content Writer Is Damaging Your Business

Do you have a professional content writer on your team? Find out the five ways not having a content writer is damaging your business and your brand.

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4 Legal Pages You Need on Your WordPress Website

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A Complete Guide to Choosing WordPress Hosting for 2018

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How to Choose a Solid Domain Name for Your Website

Having difficulty selecting a solid domain name for your website? Here's a checklist to make sure it's brandable and SEO-friendly and what you should do if your perfect domain name isn't available in the domain name registry.

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Developer vs. Average User: The Broken Link Checker Arena

Broken Link Checker finds and reports any broken links that you might have on your site. Here's what a developer and average user had to say about it.

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