Developer vs. Average User: The Content Views Arena

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Are you looking for an easy way to create a post grid layout for your WordPress site’s blog page?

Content Views

Quick Review

Content Views is a WordPress post grid and list plugin that lets you create all kinds of grid-styled layouts for your site’s blog page. The free plugin also has a premium version that offers support for popular e-commerce, membership, translation, and custom field/post type plugins.

WPLift has a review of the Content Views plugin that you should read through for more information about what you can do with the plugin. And if you’d like to try it out for yourself then head over to Lauyou Learning for a quick tutorial.

A Developer’s Perspective

I’ve found that finding the perfect theme is often quite a struggle. And often times a client will be completely sold on a particular theme only to find that it’s built-in blog page doesn’t let you display your posts in a grid layout or filter them out the way you want. This is where the Content Views plugin comes in.

One of the reasons I end up using (and recommending) Content Views on my clients’ sites is because it lets me create filterable, dynamic blog pages without having to code them by hand. On top of this, the plugin’s settings are so easy to use that most of my clients are able to manage their blog page themselves after I’ve set it up for them.


  • Incredibly customizable and easy to use.
  • Choose between grid, collapsible list, or scrollable list.


  • Free version isn’t compatible with custom post types.

An Average User’s Perspective

The Content Views plugin is exactly what I was looking for when re-designing my site’s blog page. It works seamlessly with a number of page builders and offers one of the easiest, most intuitive ways to create a modern-looking blog page.

One of the reasons I’m a huge advocate of the Content Views plugin is that it gives you full control over which blog posts you’d like to have appear on the front-end. And you can also create multiple blog pages (e.g. one for each category) which makes it easy for new visitors/readers to find what they’re looking for.


  • Lets you create multiple blog pages.
  • Plugin’s filter and display settings are comprehensive and easy to understand.


  • No cons!

To Sum It Up

So, is the Content Views plugin right for you? Should you be using it on your WordPress sites?

If you’re a WordPress developer then I would recommend going with the Content Views plugin as opposed to a custom solution. You’ll always have the option to filter out certain posts, create multiple blog pages, and sort your posts.

And if you’re an average user looking for an easy way to create a grid-style page on your site then it doesn’t get any easier than Content Views. The plugin comes with a lot of display settings so you can rest assured your blog page will look exactly the way you want it to.

Content Views

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