Developer vs. Average User: The Ultimate FAQ Arena

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Getting lots of inquiries about your product or service? Looking for an easy way to create an FAQs page on your WordPress website?

Ultimate FAQ

Quick Review

Ultimate FAQ is a lightweight plugin that lets users create, organize, and manage an FAQs section on their WordPress website. The plugin also has a premium version that offers advanced functionality like WooCommerce integration and FAQ animation options.

If you want to read a bit more about the Ultimate FAQ plugin or learn how to use it, David Coleman wrote a review and tutorial of it for WP Mayor that you should check out.

A Developer’s Perspective

The Ultimate FAQ plugin fits right in with your WordPress website and, after a while, you forget that you installed a plugin in the first place. It’s kind of like having a custom post type on your site. As a WordPress developer, I like all low-key plugins that give you all the functionality and aren’t intrusive. Which brings me to my next point …

In terms of functionality, Ultimate FAQ is incredibly powerful for a free plugin. Aside from adding and managing FAQs, it lets you create FAQ categories and tags, too. What’s more is that since you’ll be creating the FAQs in WordPress’ built-in text editor, there’s practically no learning curve. Once you set your client up with this plugin, they’ll be able to use it on their own.


  • Familiar user interface; gradual learning curve.
  • Lets you add FAQ categories and tags.
  • Lets you import/export FAQs.


  • Premium (disabled) options don’t appear to be disabled which is often confusing for clients.

An Average User’s Perspective

As an average user, getting started with the Ultimate FAQ plugin was incredibly easy and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to create a simple FAQs page on their site. The plugin offers tons of customization options that allow you to deliver a good user experience to your site’s visitors.

Ultimate FAQ lets you create individual FAQs just as you would create a post in WordPress. After I had created all the questions I wanted to add to my website, I was able to add them to my page all at once using the plugin’s shortcode functionality. Another thing that I really liked about the plugin was its dashboard. The Dashboard tab gives you a quick glance at how many FAQs you’ve created so far and (most importantly) how many views each FAQ got.


  • Easy to use; clean interface.
  • Gives you insight into how many views each FAQ gets.


  • Most styling options are available in the premium version.

To Sum It Up

Should you be using the Ultimate FAQ plugin?

If your client wants a simple FAQs page on their site then Ultimate FAQ is a great option to go with. It’ll be easy for the client to manage on their own once you’re done configuring it.

And if you’re an average user, the Ultimate FAQ plugin is a must-have – especially if you’re in the process of growing your online business. It gives you insight into what questions your visitors have about your product/service and can help you communicate with them better.

Ultimate FAQ

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