Developer vs. Average User: The Simple Calendar Arena

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Do you want to add a dynamic Google Calendar to your WordPress website? Looking for an easy way to schedule and manage events or appointments? Are you looking for a simple calendar solution?

Simple Calendar

Quick Review

The Simple Calendar – Google Calendar plugin enables users to integrate their Google Calendar events with their WordPress website. The key benefit of using this plugin is that you can continue managing your calendar from the familiar Google Calendar interface and have them display in WordPress.

Rafay wrote a review of the Simple Calendar plugin for Nimbus Themes that you can read for more information. And if you’d like to try it out then check out this helpful video tutorial by WPBeginner.

A Developer’s Perspective

Simple Calendar is my go-to plugin for clients that want a simple calendar that displays events. You’ll need access to the Google Calendar API of the account you want to synchronize the calendar with. Once you have that, the configuration process is fairly simple.

The key benefit on offer with this plugin is that it makes it super easy for clients to manage their calendar. All they have to do is continue managing their events, appointments, etc. from within their Google Calendar and the updates will be reflected to their WordPress website. It’s one of those things that you can set up once and your client will be able to take it from there.


  • Allows users to manage the calendar and add events from their Google Calendar.
  • Different layouts and customization options available.


  • Advanced display options available in premium version.

An Average User’s Perspective

As an average user, I found that setting up the “Simple” Calendar was actually quite difficult. For anyone who wants to give it a shot, I would recommend watching a video tutorial before you begin. If you try to wing it like you do with other WordPress plugins then you’ll have a tough time setting it up properly.

That said, when I finally managed to sync it with my Google Calendar, it worked like a charm. I like the different views – Grid View and List View – that it comes with right out of the box and how you can add it to your sidebar widget easily.


  • Lets you manage the calendar directly from Google Calendar.
  • Mobile-responsive.


  • Difficult to configure and set up.

To Sum It Up

As a developer, I would highly recommend that you set your clients up with the Simple Calendar simply (no pun intended!) because it’s incredibly easy for them to manage on their own.

And if you’re an average user, be sure to watch the video tutorial (linked below) before you install the plugin. Once you have it set up, you’ll be able to manage it through your existing Google Calendar account.

Simple Calendar

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