Developer vs. Average User: The Seriously Simple Podcasting Arena

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Want to launch your own podcast? Looking for a seriously simple podcasting solution for WordPress?

Seriously Simple Podcasting

Quick Review

Seriously Simple Podcasting, as its name suggests, is a simple podcasting solution for WordPress users. The plugin lets you add, manage, and publish your podcast episodes and series from within the WordPress admin panel.

If you’d like to read more about what you can do with the Seriously Simple Podcasting plugin or see how you can get started with it, be sure to check out my review and tutorial on SitePoint.

A Developer’s Perspective

When it comes to podcasting, Seriously Simple Podcasting is my go-to WordPress plugin. I recommend it to all of my clients because (1) it’s super easy to get started with and manage, (2) it packs all of the features you could need to launch a podcast, and (3) it’s a scalable solution.

One of the things I like best about the Seriously Simple Podcasting plugin is that it lets you run multiple podcasts from a single WordPress site each with their own unique RSS feed. For this reason, it makes for an excellent option for clients who simply want to try their luck at podcasting and those that want to pursue it full time.


  • Integrated podcast hosting solution and robust RSS feed makes it scalable.
  • Offers support for audio and video podcasts.
  • Comes with two neat, customizable media players.


  • None whatsoever!

An Average User’s Perspective

I tried out a bunch of podcasting plugins before I decided to go with Seriously Simple Podcasting. The plugin is easy to get started with and even easier to manage. And since it allows you to upload both audio and video podcasts, I was able to launch my own podcast series in parallel without having to find a different solution for video podcasts.

One of the things I like best about this plugin is that it lets you connect/redirect your podcast with iTunes without having to leave the WordPress admin panel. In addition to this, the plugin comes with a bunch of different widgets that make it easy for you to showcase your podcast playlists, recent episodes, series, or single episodes in any widgetized area on your site.


  • Easy to setup and manage.
  • Lets you enable podcast player meta data.
  • You can redirect your podcast feed to a new URL/iTunes/Stitcher/Google Play.


  • None at all.

To Sum It Up

So, should you use Seriously Simple Podcasting on your WordPress website?

If you’re a WordPress developer and your client is looking for an easy way to test out the podcasting waters then I’d definitely recommend going with Seriously Simple Podcasting. It’s a great way of starting out and, if they like what they see, it’s super easy to scale.

And if you’re an average user looking for a way to get your podcasting career off the ground then you’d be hard-pressed to find a better solution than Seriously Simple Podcasting. It’s got everything you need and it’s easy enough for a solopreneur to manage on their own.

Seriously Simple Podcasting

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